Every generation of cars comes with a general complains. Some of the car complains you can consider as personal while others can be generalized. These faults or complaints are traceable to the trends of cars, design materials or accessories. Whichever it is you find out that different users are complaining about the same problem.


Car Complains

10 Of The Most Common Car Complains

Below are some of the most common car complain.

Uneven Car Tires

Tires are very important components of a car because they carry the whole weight of the car.  Errors in the tire of a car could result in violent bursts and in the eventual cause of fatal accidents. In recent times uneven tires are common car complains as it results in shaking steering wheels, bumpy drives.

Solution: Change wheels at the same time, Check the car alignment, Deflate or inflate the tires to become equal. At last, the resort sends the car to a mechanic.

Crack Windshields

The Windshield of cars brings out the beauty in a car but also susceptible to damage because it is always exposed. Little sands, gravel from a construction truck in front, heat in the car and careless kids or adults can result in the crack windshield. It is one of the common car complains because of how fragile the material is. When the windshield is cracked it could cause impaired vision for drivers or eventual crash of the entire piece. One of the most difficult is stopping the crack from spreading across the entire screen.

Solution: Total replacement of the windshield, DIY hacks to stop cracks from spreading.

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Faulty starter

The starter is like the doorway to your automobile. It is literally a gateway to your car and it is used to start the car. This car complains is a very serious complaint as a starting problem as it can rend your car un-driveable. This could even more frustrating when you have some urgent place to go.

Solution: Check relay, Try straightening the key, At last, resort see a car electrician.

Paint Issues

This may sound like a small issue but it brings a lot of argument between car owners and the guy who did the paint job. This problem is especially common among used car owners.  Common car complains of the painting includes uneven colors in areas of your car, scratches on the paint and rust are other problems that could send you back to your painter.

Solution: Arrange for a bodywork, Change to a mild car wash liquid, DIY hacks with nail polish, Then go for a better body spray, Wash your car regularly.

Transmission Fluid Leaks

Transmission fluid is a very important component. As such car complains coming from its direction should be taken seriously.  If your engine is not well lubricated it will definitely result in eventual damage to the engine. So if you do not want to spend a huge amount on repairs or getting a new car, this should be taken seriously.

Solution: Check for leakage in the car transmission system, Change the car oil, Refill the car oil, and at a consistent shortage, see your mechanic.

Battery Problems

Batteries are at the center of a lot of car operation. Car complains about the battery can be devastating and frustrating because they can occur at any time. It is the powerhouse of the car and gives the initial start to your car before any other part kicks in. Ideally, your battery should give you up to 4 to 5 years but poor management can result in problems with your battery.

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Solution: Jump-start battery, Charge the battery, Check the electrodes, Clean off the terminals, Replace the battery, Check your alternator.

Issues with Speakers

Another trivial issue that comes up as a common car complain. You notice a cracking noise as it attempts to play the songs from the radio. Note that electric fault can result in burning cables. Aside from burning cable, it is not a very serious issue but it surely brings a lot of people to the technician.

Solution: Change car speaker, pull out the wire out and reattach the wires, Check your car stereo player.

Leaky Radiator

A car radiator is the car central cooling system. Without the radiator your engine will burn up and result in a lot of faults. There is no telling anyone that radiator checks should a daily routine activity. As a vessel that carries water, it is open to rust and the hot liquid might even cause more damage to the rubber tubes. Aside from that factory problems are common with this complex but essential piece of equipment at the front of the engine compartment.

Solution: Check for leaks around the radiator tubes, Check for rust on the radiator, replace the radiator.

Faulty Brake Pads

These car complains are scary as no one wants to be in a car with faulty brakes. It is very dangerous but common. Sometimes I like to think it is the danger that makes people run off to fix it before it becomes even more complicated. In any case, it can result in a fatal accident especially in this era of fast cars. A lot cost causes your brake to ware but non-other the design purpose is the likely cause. As it undergoes steady friction whenever you decide to slow down or bring the car to a halt. As a result, it is always very hot and results in an awful smell when it is damaged or exhausted. Aside from that faulty or factory errors is another fault on your brake.

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Solution: Readjust shifted brake pad, Change brake pad, Remove dirt from the pad, Give the pad time to dry if wet, See you, mechanic.

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