The battery is an essential component of a car. Sometimes your car battery drain and you cannot seem to phantom why it keeps drain. After replacing the car battery you still having it draining. This is a clear result it is more than just a bad battery.

Car Battery Drain


Possible Reason Why Your Car Battery Drain

Below is the reason why your battery keeps draining.

  • Carelessness of Driver

On of the common human oversight why your car battery drains over and over again. Some car drivers are guilty of leaving the radio or headlight or both on after leaving the car. For some reason, the car manufacturers connect the headlights directly to the battery. So the headlight can actually leave the headlight on while the ignition is off. If this is done every other night it will keep your car battery drained all the time.

  • Faulty Charging System

When your battery is draining consistently, it means that your alternator might be faulty. This could result in a consistent car battery drain. On a normal working condition when a car is in motion, the car battery should be able to charge its self thanks to a good design alternator and serpentine belt configuration. So if your alternator is faulty it means your car battery does not get the required charge and might drain consistently.

  • Extreme Temperature 

Under extreme temperature, there is the likelihood that your car battery will drain faster. Because it charges slower at this temperature. Lead sulfate build-up faster in extreme temperature thereby slowing down the charging process a whole lot. This problem is evident when you do not drive for long distances before shutting down the engine. Meaning the battery does not charge up to full capacity all the time hence the battery is never full.

  • Old Battery
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All good things come to an end even your car battery. Car batteries generally have expiry dates and once your car battery is that old the car battery starts to drain regularly. Typically a battery should have a lifespan of is between 4 and 5 years. But with poor maintenance, it could expire faster than most.

  • Faulty Electrodes

The electrodes of the battery can become faulty and lack contacts at a time. This is due to the corrosion of the electrodes or probably loosened electrodes. This might cause the battery to charge insufficiently and the car battery will drain often. If the electrodes do not make strong contacts with the battery terminals, your battery will not charge.


All these faults boil down to the effective management of your battery. When you watch out for the above possible faults your battery life will be extended

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