As a businessman or an entrepreneur and you find it stressful going around business places through public transport medium and you are ready to buy a car of your own but having a hard thought of When to buy a private car due to personal, economic and climate issues.

Buy a Car

What really matters is been ready to get a car and finding a place where you can get the best deals of the car of your choice. Before we further to knowing the best and worst time we should get a car lets to get to know why we need a private car.

Why you Need a Private car

Having your own car simply means the easiest and simplest way to travel around.  There are so many reasons why you should get a personal car.

  • Freedom
  • Cheap transportation
  • Stress reduction
  • Transportation comfort
  • Transportation flexibility


Having a private car means freedom. You would be able to choose when to leave for your daily activities and the decision to change routes is in your hand.

Cheap transportation

Unlike cabs and public pay transport buses and trains which you have to keep on buying tickets on a daily basis, having your own car saves more of your transport bills helping reduce large bills on transportation.

Stress Reduction

Going to a train station or a bus park to board a bus after waiting for some minutes to hours just to catch a bus is much more stressful and unhealthy to the body, a private vehicle will aid in the reduction of overworking yourself.

Transportation comfort

The same way you want to be comfortable in a bus is the same way every passenger wants to have comfort. overcrowding in a public bus can reduce passengers’ comfort which is why it is reason enough to buy your own car.

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Transportation flexibility

With your own car, you can catch flights and attend business meetings on time and it will help you carry out personal daily tasks without stress and expenses.

We have talked about the importance of being a car owner and its benefits, Lets now discuss when to buy and when not to buy a car.

Good and Bad time to Buy a car

Now you know why you need a car and you are ready to buy one for yourself you should put into consideration when and where you can get the best cheap deals. let’s know the best time we can buy a car.

Good times to buy a car

Below is the Good and perfect time to buy a car.

During the Holiday weekends

Manufacturers and dealers of vehicles always plan promos to be held during long term holidays, veteran days and black Fridays to promote their goods. this is actually a good time to buy a car at cheap rates.

When new models of Cars are launched

When new cars hit the market, manufacturers and dealers reduce prices of old model cars to help hype the new models at this time you will be able to buy a vehicle at a reduced and affordable price.

At the end of the month

Most companies place targets to be reached by the end of the month which will make them reduce the number of vehicles at the end of the month. Luckily for you, be a good negotiator you will get a good deal.

During the evenings

Negotiating during the evening after a long day activity can help you get a better deal because dealers at this time will be able to lessen the price of the car after so many daily deals.

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Bad times to Buy a Car

Kindly watch out for the bad time to buy a car.

During weekends

The weekend is mostly too busy for dealers and could reduce the individual attention between you and sales managers and fewer chances of discount.

When there is too much demand

If you want to save more money. It’s not a good idea to buy a car when there are so many demands falling on the same vehicle buying at this time gives manufacturers and dealers the opportunity to increase the price of vehicles.

During spring

During spring the demand for cars goes high and the same happens to the prices. So it’s better you wait for the winter Period.

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