7 best diagnostic tools under $100 – Your vehicle uses a system of trouble codes to alert you to internal issues. When a check engine light illuminates on the dashboard, for instance, the problem can be readily scanned using a basic diagnostic tool such as an OBDII scanner. However, the prices of these OBDII scanners range from $20 to $2000.

You do not need to purchase the most expensive scanner because it will provide additional features that may not be required. Rather than that, these expensive instruments are advised for mechanics and technicians who use them on a daily basis.

best diagnostic tools

As such, this article will walk you through the 7 best diagnostic tools under $100 that provide a sufficient number of information to assist you in saving money and gaining an understanding of repair options and costs.

7 best diagnostic tools under $100

The market is flooded with diagnostic tools available for purchase. While this is a positive development, having too many inexperienced drivers to choose from might be stressful. As a result, it’s critical to comprehend the top-recommended ten finest diagnostic tools under $100 to help you decide which one to use.

This list provides professional opinions on the ten top diagnostic instruments available in 2021-2022. Additionally, it will highlight the primary advantages and disadvantages of each to assist you in making an informed decision and obtaining the instrument that meets your demands without exceeding your budget.

FIXD Sensor Professional Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner

The first sensor is constructed in accordance with EU S standards and is endorsed by a number of automotive specialists. It gives all the necessary information and is really simple to set up and connect to your phone. Additionally, you can monitor up to five vehicles simultaneously with this sensor, which means you won’t be able to watch all of your family vehicles without a hitch.

One of the best features of this sensor is its low price and inclusion of a protective case. Finally, the sensor includes additional literature and YouTube videos that demonstrate how to use and configure it correctly.

Despite its excellent features, this sensor is unable to read a large number of additional specialized codes, most notably those relating to the ABS and airbags. Additionally, some sophisticated functions are unavailable until you upgrade to the premium subscription, which is slightly more expensive.

FOXWELL NT301 OBD2 Scanner

The second diagnostic tool is really useful and astounding to a large number of clients. It is included with certain software upgrades in older versions of Windows, and you can even print part of the data. One of the most advantageous features of this diagnostic tool is that it can be displayed on a laptop for improved visualization and information clarity.

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Unfortunately, there is no customer assistance to address problems, and the gadget occupies a little amount of space, which is inconvenient for many drivers. Additionally, this device may be slightly more expensive than the others on this list, and it lacks a smartphone app.

ELM327 OBD2 Scanner

The main feature of this diagnostic tool is its low price; you can find it for between $10 and $25, which is significantly less than the cost of most diagnostic kits. The wonderful thing about it is that it works with a wide variety of Android and third-party iOS apps and includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Regrettably, if you choose this scanner, you will need to acquire third-party software in order to fully utilize its capability. Additionally, it’s critical to know that the final price of this tool does not finish at $25, as it is entirely dependent on the third-party software you choose for visualization purposes.

Bluedriver OBD2 Scanner

This diagnostic tool is capable of reading a variety of fault codes, including those associated with the anti-lock braking system and airbags. Additionally, it provides a list of recommended repairs, which are not included in all devices, and by depending on this tool, you can determine whether your car passes the emission test.

Unfortunately, while the tool reads a large number of trouble codes, it cannot read all codes for all vehicles, which means you must validate that the tool will read your vehicle’s trouble codes. Additionally, it is a little more expensive, and you can find it for around $99.99.

Innova carscan Pro 5210 OBD2 Scanner

The finest feature of this tool is that it not only reads a large number of issue codes but also gives current data to help you stay informed about your car at all times. Additionally, it includes capabilities that allow you to determine whether or not your vehicle satisfies dimension testing.

Regrettably, it does have certain disadvantages, including a greater price if you opt for the protective cover. Additionally, the equipment lacks smartphone or app compatibility.

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Carly OBD2 Scanner

If you choose to purchase this diagnostic equipment, you will have the option of customizing it to meet their specific demands, which is ideal for vehicle enthusiasts. Unfortunately, it also makes recommendations on how to service your vehicle if there is a problem, and it is not compatible with Android or iOS.

Despite the fantastic capabilities included with this application, you will encounter some negatives, including the fact that it is difficult to use due to its complicated functioning and features. It’s also difficult to determine the cost of this tool because there are some other charges, like those associated with the apps and the other features that enable it.

ZUS Nonda Smart Vehicle Health Monitor OBD2 Scanner

One of the most appealing qualities of this diagnostic tool is that it is applicable to any consumer, regardless of their experience. It is simple to use and free of hassles. Additionally, it has capabilities such as an automatic vehicle Finder and other driving behavior analysis tools.

Regrettably, this tool may not be able to read all non-CEL codes. Additionally, several consumers complained about the tool’s connectivity, which made it slightly more difficult to operate smoothly and without issues.

best diagnostic tools

How do you go about shopping for your next diagnostic tool?

If you’re prepared to invest in a diagnostic tool, there are several variables to consider before squandering your money, including the following:

Verify compatibility

As previously stated, there are numerous OBDII scanners on the market; however, not all of them are compatible with your car. As a result, carefully read the tool’s instructions and verify that it is compatible with your car’s model.

Take into account the cost

Naturally, the more features you desire, the greater the price. Therefore, before being enamored with a certain gadget, consider the price and make certain it does not exceed your budget.

Inspect third-party applications

If you wish to use the tool and link it to your iPhone or Android device, you must first verify that the tool is compatible, as certain tools are only compatible with Android and not with iPhone. It can be incredibly frustrating and tough to acquire a high-quality OBD gadget and then discover that it is not connected to your vehicle.

Recognize the features

Numerous OBDII scanners are incapable of reading older trouble codes. Therefore, before buying your next tool, determine whether you require one that reads ABS-related codes or other specialized codes that may be unavailable in other tools.

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Check for real-time monitoring

Certain gadgets may include additional capabilities that enable you to continuously monitor your vehicle. However, none of the older tools had this feature. As a result, verify and thoroughly understand the qualities before making a final buying decision.

Look for repair recommendations

While it’s beneficial to grasp the nature of the problem with your car, it can be a little harder for certain drivers to understand what should be done next. As such, if you require extra information, you may wish to explore a tool that assists you in determining what needs to be changed. Bear in mind, however, that these gadgets will be far more expensive than conventional OBD scanners.


When a check engine light illuminates the dashboard, many drivers panic, believing the condition is severe. However, there are numerous occasions in which the issue may be traced back to a minor one. As a result, it is necessary to scan the Eric that is generating the check engine light in order to forecast repair alternatives and prices without waiting for a mechanic to inspect your vehicle.

Given the market’s diversity of diagnostic instruments, it’s vital to restrict the list and gain an understanding of affordable equipment that does the job without breaking the bank. As a result, this article provides you with the 7 best diagnostic tools available on the market in 2021 and 2022, as recommended by automotive professionals.

If your scanner indicated that your vehicle has significant mechanical issues, this is useful information to have so you don’t have unrealistic expectations about resolving the vehicle without spending thousands of dollars. In this manner, you may simply decide whether to sell your vehicle and use the proceeds to purchase a problem-free vehicle.

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