In this post, we will be looking at the Best Apple Carplay apps. Before we going into the apps lets look at what apple car play is. CarPlay is an automobile feature installed on latest car that enables drivers to control iOS devices directly from the car stereo unit. The feature works on iOS with iOS 7.1 or later versions.


Apple Carplay Apps

The Apple Carplay features have received approval from a lot of car manufacturers over the years. And now there very few modern cars without the feature pre-installed.

Best Apple Carplay Apps

The evolution and the resulting vetting by car manufacturers have led iOS apple developers to enable their apps for this feature. Hence Apple Carplay Apps are iOS apps that can properly interface with the Carplay app on cars.

Below are some of the best apps you can install for this purpose.


Audible is a must on your iPhone. The Apple carplay app is the largest collection of audiobooks and shows. You can be on the cruise listening to novels and your book while you drive. It certainly feels good to learn while driving. Personally, I feel to install audible will let you achieve more at a time. Audible allows you total control of the audio speed. The amazon owned app offers a 30-day free trial and monthly subscriptions after it expires.

Spotify Music

There is no missing the 30 million Apple Carplay app on your collection. There is much to enjoy while driving with the Spotify music. You can listen to a large array of music from several gernes and artists.

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If you want to enjoy an app free Spotify all you need to pay a monthly fee. The paid version offers you an ads-free screen and the ability to skip songs freely without restrictions.

Pandora Music

Pandora music is known for a highly accurate music prediction feature. The app creates a playlist based on your favorite artists songs and genres. The Pandora app does not boast of exhaustive music collection but its algorithm can target just what you should listen to on your road trip. However, the Apple Carplay app is an ad-sponsored app so there is quite a frequent run-in with ads popping up on your screen. You can register and get a 30-day trial to allow you to get a feel of what the Pandora music is all about.


NPR is an acronym for National Public Radio. The radio app features the latest trends in the United States and globally. The Apple Carplay app is highly customizable with it, you can listen to localized new from a certain geographical location.

You can also tailor the news that comes to you. The app is simple attractive and easily interfaces with the Apple car play. So you can catch up with latest news that you are following while driving by putting a marker on it. It also offers a push notification system that alerts you of a new development at any time.


TuneIn is a unique Apple Carplay app that allows you to keep in touch and ahead with news from 100,00 radio stations. However, the real banger is being able to listen to live commentaries of rugby, hockey, basketball and football games in America. Its integration with West-wood One ensures that you never miss a college basketball moment ever again event while driving.

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Radio Disney

There has to be something for the kid s. The Apple Carplay app allows cranky children to keep calm and enjoy Disney show and feel at home while on a trip. Although it has no schedule for programs but you can watch live streams of Disney stars while on the road. Aside from shows, the Disney app features music, interviews, and other kids friendly c contents.

In Conclusion

Apple Carplay further shows apple intent to dominate the entire app technology industry. The Carplay app is available on latest cars and on latest apps. Every app developer seeks to enable the Carplay feature in recent times as it exposes them to wider range of users.

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