How to win a car online for free. There are numerous sweepstakes and contest being held by companies around the world giving out brand new free cars. These cars can be worth anywhere from $2000 – $50,000. Amazing right?

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In this guide, you would come to learn the tips and tricks on how to win a free car online. Note, this article does not give you a 100 percent guarantee of getting a car for free online, but it increases your chances by revealing tips you should know when applying for such contest.

One of the most important steps to take is apply. There is a common logic that says” If you do not enter the contests, you will never win”

Register a new email address

Most of the times when you enter a contests to a win a car online, you would be consenting to receive spam emails and adverts. It is therefore advisable to open a dedicated email address that you would use for this sort of contests.

It would also allow you to keep track of your progress as the contests moves along. Registering a new email address also prevents unnecessary messages from clouding your main email address.

Enter the Free Online Car Contests

The next step to take is getting into the contests itself. The contest can hold on any of the social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Tiktok. The more contests you apply for the more your chances of winning.

Know the Difference between a Contest and Sweepstakes

There are different ways of winning a car online for free. These can be in form of either a contests or a sweepstakes event. Knowing the difference between the two would help you prepare according to winning such prizes.

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A sweepstakes selects a random winner. A contest most times requires you to answer a question or perform certain activities, like playing a game or following their social platforms, etc.

Don’t get scared of Large Contest Prizes

For example, you have a contest that its prize is a brand new Range Rover which costs around $35,000 – $50,000. This type of contest shouldn’t discourage you from participating. Most times everyone has equal chances of winning depend on the activities and instructions that are given.

Always Read Contest Rules

Most times the winners of such ridiculous contests with amazing prizes are very lucky individuals and other times they are just people that pay close attention to the details of the contest or would I say the rules guide such contests.

Always make sure you read the contest rules and do well to follow them if you want to increase your chances of winning such contests.

Look for Central Car Contest Listings

You can type into Google, the name of contests you wish to apply for and it would bring out all the contests available. The problem with this is that it doesn’t narrow it down for you. It is best most times to look for sites that list out these contests.

For example, sites like JonnyJet’s weekly newsletter. These sites have central contest listings where you can go to find list of available car contest. This makes your search easier and more focused.

Following the tip above would start you off on the right footing to winning your own free car online. Now for the bonus tip, we have compiled a list of companies that do car giveaways online for free.

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The list of these companies can be seen below:

  • Toyotaofsantafe: Toyotaofsantafe is a website company that are currently offering free car giveaways. It requires no purchase necessary to enter and win. This promotion is opened to only U.S residents of New Mexico with a least age of 21 years.
  • Prime Driven: Founded by Justin Burnesh. This 7-figure company has given out millions of euros in car prizes to people around the globe. It’s also a one-stop-shop for Toyota car parts.
  • Dream Cars: Dream cars is also another motor vehicle company giving out free cars online. They have located in Berry Hill Ind Est, Droitwich. Cars given out can range from as low as $2000 to as high as $40,000.

For more in-depth information about companies offering contests for free cars online, visit our article Companies that offer car giveaways

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