Buying a car can take a whole junk of cash from your savings. However, with effective planning and the right car loan rates for car loans, you can comfortably buy a car with no hassle and repay the car loan without much stress.


Car Loan Rates

Finding a great car for yourself involves a long research process that ends up with forking out a huge amount that will probably get you struggling all year long and beyond.

Best Car Loan Rates In 2019

Note that loan options are arranged in no particular order. You can apply for any of them based on accessibility to them.


It is difficult to talk about loans without mentioning Capital one. They offer the best rates for big-time lenders. So if you want loans one of the big ones capital one is just what you get. The bank’s Auto Navigator program offers car loan rates for both used and new cars. The application process starts with a pre-approval letter through a user.   over 12,000 dealers can use this program for customers in the US and they are all available on the CapitalOne’s website.

Consumers Credit Union

Credit unions give better car loan rates than most banks will offer you. This is because, at Customer Credit Union, every account owner is regarded as a partner and part-owner.  A lot of members have access and qualification to the loan. All that is required is that you pay a five dollar fee and minimum savings in your account. With that, you can be eligible for auto car loan rates as low as 2.99 percent. The only stumbling factor is that it requires a credit score of 640 to get approval. It offers that overall best car rate on the list.

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Lending Club

Lending Club is a peer to peer lending company or club as they call it. Although it is used as a way to reduce your monthly expenses, it can also be used to get low car loan rates for inexpensive cars. Just go through with the initial application to get instant offers. You can use filters to find a lender of lower your interest rate, increase the loan length and more. Loan rates start at 6.95 percent and at least 510 to get prequalified.

OpenRoad Lending

With OpenRoad Lending you can refinance existing loans and save an average of $100 per month on their car payments. The application process is simple and entirely online. It only takes an hour of applying for a decision to come through. If you run into any trouble with your application, OpenRoad Lending’s customer service team can help. Perhaps that’s why 98 percent of customers say that they are satisfied with their loans. Before applying, you should know that it is a hard credit pull, so this service is only for people who are serious about refinancing. This lender requires a credit score of at least 500 and a monthly income of $1,500 or more. The higher each of these numbers is, the better your rates will be. You can get car loan rates between 1.9 and 24.9 percent.


So you could apply for any of these loans go to the websites for more information about the loan rates for the amount you intend borrowing. The processes are all easy and straight forward.

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